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Meet Our Family

At H-J, our people are family. As a family-owned company, we focus on family values and fulfilling the lives of those who come in to work with us each day. Our employees come from many different walks of life, but each shares a common commitment to Quality Products of International Reputation. Meet three individuals we are proud to call members of The H-J Family.

Sara’s story

Sara has always been a hands-on worker. As a Quality Engineer at The H-J Family of Companies she has been able to follow her passion working hands-on with our extensive portfolio of electrical industry parts and components. Sara feels valued by her peers at H-J and is not afraid to share her opinions and challenge herself and the rest of the team. For Sara, we are a second family.

Chris’ story

Family is important to Chris. To him, everyone he has met over his 11+ years at the H-J Family of Companies is a family member. As a Machine Shop Supervisor, Chris is challenged by deadlines, and makes sure our customers get the quality parts they expect from a name like H-J. To Chris, our family has been good to him; helping him develop new skills and pursue further education.

Jeff’s story

There’s something about the heat and molten metal in the foundry that keeps Jeff excited about coming into work each day at The H-J Family of Companies. A member of our family for nearly a decade, Jeff takes pride in knowing his daily work gets people their electricity. Safety is very important to Jeff and he is always looking out for his coworkers in the foundry. Friendly people, good benefits and good wages are all fulfilling aspects of working at H-J for Jeff