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H-J Headquarters

Working for Our Family Has Its Perks


At H-J, everyone is family. Families take care of and support each other and that is what we plan to do for you—through competitive pay, numerous benefits and an emphasis on work-life balance.

We stand behind our products and one another. We provide all employees with a competitive benefits package, including medical, dental and vision insurance, life insurance, 401k, profit sharing, paid holidays, and vacation time. We also believe in the future of our employees and offer tuition reimbursement for continuing education opportunities. 

H-J offers competitive paid vacation time for each of our employees depending on position and experience.

A work-life balance is very important to our H-J Family, and we celebrate holidays without worrying about missed wages. In the USA, we offer eight paid holidays every year to every employee: New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day & the day after, and Christmas Day. Holiday schedules may vary for other countries.

One of our favorite ways to celebrate our accomplishments and teamwork is with food. This means you’ll often find sweet treats and other snacks in common areas as well as several company-paid meals and an ice cream social every year. We enjoy catering from crowd favorites such as Annie Gunn’s Smokehouse, King Kat catfish fry, and an in-house barbeque!

We know that healthcare is a major consideration for employees and their families. As such, H-J is proud to offer our employees and their family industry-leading healthcare benefits including medical, dental and vision plans.

H-J provides an excellent profit-sharing plan for employees. While a profit-sharing contribution is not guaranteed, we are proud to have made a contribution to the plan nearly every year since its inception. The amount of the contribution in recent years has been 5% of the employee’s total wages (which includes regular pay, overtime pay and any gifts) for the year. Each employee chooses how to invest this money through an online portal. The money grows tax deferred until it is distributed. Employees enter the plan and vest 100% at three years of service.

H-J also allows employees to defer pre-tax dollars from their paychecks into a 401k account. Money in the 401k can be invested in several different investment options again through an online portal by each individual employee. The money grows tax deferred until it is distributed.

With all of these financial investment options, H-J also offers the services of a premier financial planning company to help guide and direct each individual’s needs.