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Transformers and Switchgears Insulation Components Consulting Services

We have experienced professionals and can provide consulting services in the design of distribution and power transformers.

Transformer Design Consulting
Transformer Design Consulting

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Personnel with vast technical experience in design, manufacturing and commissioning of distribution and power transformers around the world.

Some Topics Covered Include

  • Protection coordination for distribution transformers (CSP and Padmount)
  • Transformer components selection
  • Transformers production line implementation
  • Recommendation on machines to produce transformers.
  • Introduction to Padmount transformers design, production, and testing
  • Transformers’ IEEE standards application
  • Amorphous cores’  introduction implementation, including design, testing, and production support.
  • Design of distribution and small power transformers up to 50MVA, 69kV.
  • High-temperature components recommendation for 155°C class transformers in ester oil.
  • Failures‘ Analysis in Transformers
  • Load analysis of transformers in operation. Temperatures and loss of life.
  • Offer a wide range of standard insulation products for many switchgear applications. We specialize in consultation with OEMs and repair/maintenance suppliers to provide custom insulation product designs to meet the needs of their specific applications.