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Manufacturer: H-J Family of Companies

It is a type of fastener that has a threaded shank with a circular loop or "eye" at one end. This eye allows for a secure attachment point for various applications.

The eye of the eyebolt can vary in size and shape. Some eyebolts have a plain circular eye, while others might have a more elongated or rectangular shape. This design difference can affect how the eyebolt is used and what kind of connections it can accommodate.

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Eyebolts Part List

Part # L - Length Eye Diameter Material
EB7002-006 2.29 .625 C95500 TIN PLATED
EB7011-001 2.27 .625 CDA 955 TIN PLATED
EB7013-002 2.95 .825 CDA-955 TIN PLATED
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