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Primary Disconnect Bushings

Manufacturer: H-J Family of Companies

Primary Disconnect Bushings are designed for use in switchgear applications ranging from 15 kV through 46 kV. All designs are manufactured using Cycloaliphatic Epoxy materials and are capacitive graded. That is, the disconnect bottle houses an integrally cast ground shield and high voltage shield to control the electrostatic field. The internal shielding provides excellent partial discharge and stable power factor characteristics in comparison to external coatings required on older porcelain designs. Access to internal ground shields is provided through flange mounting inserts or sleeves, eliminating the need for cumbersome external leads. The one-piece design provides rugged performance typically required in primary disconnect applications. EPC specializes in custom development of replacement primary disconnect bottles for obsolete designs from all OEM’s.

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Primary Disconnect Bushings Part List

Part # Lower End Length (L) [Shank Length] Creep - Minimum Distance Top Terminal - Stud Thread Size BIL - Basic Impulse Level (kV) Maximum Current Rating (A) Voltage Class (kV)
EPC81-002-400E07S 23 in 37 in INTERNAL THREADS 200 kV 2000 A 38
EPC81-003-000E07S 11.8 in 27.31 in INTERNAL THREADS 125 kV 1200 A 27
EPC81-004-000E07S 11.73 in 20.47 in N/A 125 kV 1600 A 27
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