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Aerial Lugs

Manufacturer: H-J Family of Companies

lso made of bronze, these are available in the configurations of cable to flat and stud to cable. The cable range is from 6 AWG to 2,000 MCM, and the stud range is from 5/8" to 4". The flat terminals can be 2 or 4 holes. All the terminals and connectors may be tin plated if required.

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Aerial Lugs Part List

Part # Overall Length Spade Thickness Stud Hole Thread Size Maximum Temperature Rise Material Number of Holes
BHDSF35-005TP 4.75 INCH 0.313 5/8-18 UNF-2B 75°C CDA 84400 4
BSEB40-005TP 3.1 INCH NA 5/8-18 UNF-2B 75°C CDA 84400 NA
BSWL10-005TP 5.75 INCH 0.375 NA 75°C CDA 84400 2
BSEB20-015TP 3.19 INCH NA 1 1/8-12 UNF-2B 75°C CDA 84400 NA
BHDSF60-005TP 7 INCH 0.5 1 3/4-12 UN-2B 75°C CDA 84400 4
BDSC10-040TP 5.3 INCH NA 1 1/8-12 UNF-2B 75°C CDA 84400 NA
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