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Thru Wall Window Bushings

Manufacturer: H-J Family of Companies

Wall Bushings are designed for use as bus entrance and cell transition insulation in switchgear applications. Numerous window configurations are available to suit most bus sizes. Wall Bushings can be used in direct mounting to conductive surfaces or in conjunction with other insulating materials for higher voltages. Styles are available for both direct flange mounting by way of through holes in the epoxy insulation, or mounting to GPO panels by way of assembly to the grooved epoxy bushing body. Designs are available for single and dual windows as well as integral three phase designs.

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Thru Wall Window Bushings Part List

Part # Strike Distance (in) Window Width (in) Window Height (in) Temperature Class
EPC07-203-200E01 4.841 in 7 in 2.5 in 105
EPC07-203-200E07 4.841 in 7 in 2.5 in 100
EPC07-203-100E01 4.841 in 7 in 2 in 105
EPC07-206-003E01 6.63 in 4.38 in 0.63 in 105
EPC07-203-001E01 4.5 in 4.5 in 2 in 105
EPC07-205-003E01 6.5 in 6.25 in 0.75 in 105
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