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Standoff Insulators (Switch and Bus Insulators)

Manufacturer: H-J Family of Companies

Switch and Bus Insulators are used primarily as bus supports in switchgear applications, dry type transformers and other custom applications. This series is available for outdoor and enclosed applications ranging from 5 kV through 46 kV voltage classes and in temperature ranges from -40°C to +105°C. Our insulators are of cast epoxy construction with integrally cast metallic mounting inserts. Mounting configurations are NEMA standard and are available in any insert configuration.

The deep shed design offers generous creep distances. Our conical design provides superior mechanical loading characteristics. The epoxy material is self-extinguishing when exposed to continuous arcing or a constant heat source.

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Standoff Insulators (Switch and Bus Insulators) Part List

Part # Height (in) Creep Distance (in) Strike Distance (in)
EPC02-300-001E07 2.34 in 4.5 in 2.34 in
EPC02-300-000E07 2 in 3.563 in 2 in
EPC02-002-022E01-L 6.25 in 9.79 in 6.25 in
EPC02-003-022E01 7.5 in 12.26 in 7.5 in
EPC02-002-020E01 6 in 9.79 in 6 in
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