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Rotative Tap Changers

Manufacturer: H-J Family of Companies

The H-J Family of Companies has a broad portfolio of de-energized tap changers with a variety of possibilities to be used according to customer needs. With voltage levels up to 38 kV, BIL 200 kV and maximum current ratings up to 300 amps (6 decks parallel applications). Available from 1 to 7 decks, these tap changers are used in distribution transformers with normal and special applications. We have all the knowledge and experience to advise you on the use of this product.

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Rotative Tap Changers Part List

Part # Overall Length Terminal Stud Length Current Rating Handle Type Indicator Plate (a/b, 1/2, 1/5, a/e) Number of Decks
CM70333169 5.66 INCH 10-24 100 HOOK HANDLE 1/5 1
CM70333159 4.87 INCH NA 100 PULL HANDLE 1/5 1
CM70333266 7.7 INCH 0.38 100 PULL HANDLE / HOOK 1/5 2
CM70333267 9.25 INCH 0.38 100 HOOK HANDLE 1/5 2
CM70334355 11.27 INCH NA 150 HOOK HANDLE A/G 3
CM70333358 12.84 INCH NA 100 HOOK HANDLE A/E 3
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