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Controls, Instruments & Protection

Fuses & Fuse Holders

Drip Shield  (pdf)

Fuses and Fuse Holders  (pdf)

Bayonet Fuse Links

Dry-Well Fuse Holders for Current Limiting Bushings  (pdf)

Expulsion Fuses  (pdf)

Isolation Links  (pdf)

Current Limiting Fuses

Fuse Block Assembly  (pdf)

Fuse Mounting Board Assembly

Other Fuses

1. Capacitor Fuses  (pdf)

2. Fuse Disconnect Switch  (pdf)

3. Fuse Supports  (pdf)

4. General Purpose Fuses  (pdf)

5. Power Fuses  (pdf)


Wildlife guards

Wildlife Guards


LV circuit breakers

Low Voltage Circuit Breakers  (pdf)

Overload Indicator Assembly

Signal Lights



Low Voltage Distribution Class MOV Surge Arrester  (pdf)

Distribution Arresters

Arrestor Catalogs


Level indicators


Liquid Level Gauges

Pressure Vacuum Gauges

Thermometers and Wells

Liquid Level Indicators


Temperature indicators & controls

Thermometers with Contacts (pdf)

Protection relays

Buchholz Relays  (pdf)

Transformer protection relay: H-J transformer protection relay  (pdf)


Dehydrating air breathers

Breathers (pdf)


Pressure relief devices

Pressure Relief Valves without contacts  

Seal Nut

Pressure relief valves with contacts:  H-J pressure relief device (pdf)

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