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Pipe Plugs

Manufacturer: H-J Family of Companies

Used as additional accessories in the drain valves, pipe plugs can be offered in Brass or Stainless Steel in sizes of 1” or 2”.

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Pipe Plugs Part List

Part # Height Material
PG6031-001 1"-11.5 NPT CDA 84400 OR HPb58-3
PG6031-002 1"-11.5 NPT CDA 84400 OR HPb58-3
PG6031-007 1"-11 C84400, HPb58-3, HPb59-1
PG6035-001 2" - 11 1/2 NPT CDA 36000 or HPb59-1 or HPb58-3
PG6035-002 2" - 11.5 NPT 316 STAINLESS STEEL
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