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Epoxy High Voltage Bushing 15kV

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  • HV bushing for pole-mounted transformers.
  • Raw material sourced in the USA, offering a shorter, reliable supply chain and a hedge against any future international supply chain constraints.
  • High-strength glass-filled polymer nut. 
  • Custom conductor and terminal configurations available. 
  • H-J cycloaliphatic epoxy – rated for full outdoor (UV) exposure. 
  • One-piece homogenous casting – surface damage (chips/scratches), will not lead to further insulation degradation. 
  • High mechanical strength – much higher impact resistance in comparison to porcelain. 
  • Superior electrical performance – excellent hydrophobic and surface tracking characteristics. 
  • H-J epoxy carries a V0 flammability rating. The epoxy insulation is self-extinguishing and will not burn except under continuous arcing conditions, or in the presence of a sustained high heat source. 
  • Epoxy bushings are a one-piece casting, offering higher dielectric strength and superior electrical performance compared to a porcelain assembly. Removal of air gaps and assembly hardware improves partial discharge performance and reduces potential leak paths. 
  • Epoxy bushings are significantly lighter, allowing for easier handling, reduced shipping costs, and lower CO2 emissions in transit. 
  • The epoxy design is more compact, allowing for a smaller mounting footprint. The compact size offers opportunities to optimized transformer designs such as a smaller tank size and less oil consumption.  
  • A robust design using highly resilient materials offers vast improvements and protection to harden equipment against vandalism. 

Design Testing

  • 95 kV impulse withstand – pass 
  • 35 kV 60 Hz withstand – pass 
  • 30 kV 60 Hz wet withstand – pass 
  • Thermal cycle withstand – pass 
  • Cantilever withstand – 100lbs - pass
  • Hydrogen leak detection – pass 


Meets all requirements of IEEE standard C57.12.00 & C57.19.02