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Three Way Tank Plug

AST1000-001 – Three Way Tank Hole Plug

This plug comes with a two piece gasket. By using it with the two gaskets combined as shipped it plugs a 1.06" dia. hole (for LV Breaker Handle). By removing the top gasket it fits a 1.296" dia. hole (for Tap Switches, DV Switches and LBOR Switches). By removing the top gasket and flipping the bottom gasket over it fits a 1.437" dia. hole (for LV Bushings, Porcelain, Plastic or Epoxy).

Stainless Steel Grounding Pad

MH0168-001 – Stainless Steel Grounding Pad

5/8" X 2.0" X 3.5" stainless steel ground pad with 2 ½-13 holes on 1.75" centers