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Amorphous Core

Manufacturer: H-J Family of Companies
H-J is offering for oil immersed and dry type transformers manufacturers the option to optimize total owning cost with the use of Amorphous Core designs. Cores are manufactured from the proven Metglas Inc materials 2605A1 or 2605 HB1M, for the product quality consistency to meet the most stringent efficiency standards in today’s transformer markets.

  1. Oil Immersed
  • Up 35kV; 5,000 kVA 
  • Single phase pole or pad mounted. 
  • Three phases, three leg or five leg core construction

       2. Dry type 

  • Up 35kV; 6,500 kVA (3 layers, 6.5 MT) 
  • Three phases, three leg or five leg core construction.

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Amorphous Core Part List

Part # Window Width (in) Window Height (in) Leg Build (in) Window Corner Radius (in)
AC1000-057 2.64 in 11.50 in 2.70 0.25
AC1000-060 2.99 in 6.81 in 1.59 0.25
AC1000-056 2.56 in 9.45 in 2.76 0.25
AC1000-053 2.56 in 6.06 in 1.38 0.25
AC2000-006 2.56 in 11.18 in 2.13 0.25
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