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Replacement Hardware

1 Piece Clamps

7 13/16" Diameter Bolt Circle, Aluminum

6" Diameter Bolt Circle, Aluminum

5 1/8" Diameter Bolt Circle, Aluminum

2 Piece Clamps

2 Piece Clamps

Conductors - Capabilities

Copper, steel, and aluminum for high and low voltage applications.

Sizes typically range from 5/16" diameter up to 3" diameter.

Machined to customer specifations. Machining includes: roll threading, cut threading, knurling, smashing, and drill and tapping.

Metric and standard available.


Aluminum Bronze Eyebolts

Gaskets - Capabilities

Buna N, viton, fiber, and general purpose silicone.

Oil compatible.

Most sizes and durometers available per customer request.


Hex nuts

Bronze, Brass, and Steel

Spin-grip nuts

For Threaded Porcelain Shanks

Washers - Capabilities

Silicon bronze, brass, steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Flat, split coil lockwashers, double split coil lockwashers, belleville lockwashers, centering, and cast washers available.

Sizes typically range from 5/16" inner diameter up to 3" inner diameter.